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'Red Oak Capital'

Red Oak Capital was founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to afford and benefit from owning precious metals. As such, we create investment strategies tailored towards each investor based on their specific desired asset protection outcomes.

'About Red Oak Capital'

At Red Oak Capital, we take pride in being the industry leader in precious metals. We specialize in converting your existing IRA or eligible 401(K) into gold or other precious metals, as well as providing clients with the best pricing and service should you decide to purchase precious metals independently of your retirement account(s) and have it delivered to your home.

Our main goal is to provide every client with the most up to date and detailed information so that you can make an informed and comfortable decision about your precious metals options. We pride ourselves in our ability to answer your every question and guide you through the whole process. As such, we tailor investment strategies designed for each investor based on their specific desired outcome. No two clients are identical; and because of that, we treat all our clients as individuals and work to help them reach their asset protection goals

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At Red Oak Capital , the services we offer go above and beyond most of the other precious metals provider.  We respect all of our clients’ individual needs and have strong focus on giving our attention to providing all of our clients with the tools required to make safe and comfortable financial decisions that will benefit their families for years to come. We are focused on providing every investor the opportunity to hold assets in a real, tangible asset for their portfolios. We offer the most in depth information so that our clients can make an informed and educated decision on acquiring precious metals. We aim to teach and guide you through the process of acquiring precious metals from start to finish. Whether first-time buyers, collectors, or seasoned investors, our clients reap the benefits of dealing directly with our team at Red Oak Capital.

We aim to guide you through every step of the way whether you decide to transfer a selection of your retirement portfolio into physical gold and silver or you decide take personal delivery of precious metals.

The team at Red Oak Capital have not only made the process of starting up my new IRA easy and stress free, but they also made the time to help me through all of the steps, always making themselves available to answer questions, and explaining all of the information to make sure I understood what was happening, all while being very friendly and personable.” – Shane L.

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    Figuring out how to protect you retirement assets can be scary, especially in our changing political climate and economy,  but you don’t have to navigate it it alone.