Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure

Red Oak Capital Partners LLC, (“Red Oak Capital”) is a seller and purchaser of precious metals, coins, and related products (“Products”). Red Oak Capital is not an exchange, a brokerage firm or financial adviser and does not provide any investment, tax, or legal advice with respect to the suitability of the Products.

Investing in precious metals involves risk and the valuation of precious metals is based on many factors including without limitation supply and demand, economic and monetary policy, and political events. The impact of these events cannot be predicted with certainty on the value of precious metals and as such prices and value may rise or fall over time and Red Oak Capital makes no representations or guarantees concerning the future performance of any purchase, including whether the Products purchased will appreciate.

Buying and Selling Precious Metals

Precious metals should be considered a long-term investment and buyers should be prepared and willing to hold the Products for at least three to five years, in order to maximize potential gains.

Therefore individuals should not tie up capital in precious metals unless they can hold the metals for this time period. Moreover, precious metals are not a suitable investment for anyone seeking current income. Red Oak Capital  believes that precious metals and coins are appropriate for five to twenty percent of an individual’s portfolio, but individuals should determine the appropriate percentage based on that individual’s financial goals and circumstances. The decision of whether to purchase or sell precious metals should be made by the individual buyer after independent research and analysis of the individual’s financial needs and circumstances and after obtaining independent financial or tax advice as is appropriate.

Red Oak Capital representatives are not licensed financial advisers and no fiduciary relationship is formed between Red Oak’s Capital representatives and Red Oak’s Capital customers. Red Oak’s Capital representatives are commissioned salespersons whose commissions are in part based on the amount and type of metal they sell, with numismatic, semi-numismatic and premium items carrying higher commissions and profit margins. Red Oak Capital representatives are not authorized to offer or provide any investment, tax, or legal advice concerning the Products. Anyone interested in including precious metals as part of their IRA or other retirement accounts should consult with a qualified tax professional concerning tax consequences if any before proceeding with the investment.

The statements contained in this brochure are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice concerning the suitability of any specific form of investment. Any performance data contained in the brochure are based on past performance only and is neither a prediction nor a guarantee of future performance or results. No warranty or guarantee is being made concerning the accuracy of the information contained in this brochure which may have changed in light of any recent changes in financial data or events.